This was received from a reader of our website, and shows that the history of automobile engineering is not lost upon the young! We are pleased to have been of help, thank you very much Vanessa!

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“My name is Vanessa S…., I work at an after school program, and I wanted to let you know how helpful your page ( Links  – amended by the webmaster to reflect the new website URL ) was for a young man I have been helping with a science project about cars, horsepower, velocity, and other forces! He’s been learning a lot, and at the same time I think has picked up a new hobby- classic cars! He thought your site was really neat, and enjoyed reading the articles and checking out the great pictures of classic cars! I thought you’d be glad to hear, and suggested we send you a quick thank you note!

James has struggled to find activities and hobbies the last year or so, and it has been really great to see how much he has been engaged in learning about classic cars, and as a result of a science project no less! He’d been showing me a few things on your page yesterday, when I told him we should send you a note and let you know he enjoyed it! James loved that idea, and wanted to share this Automobile History article he found and thought you might enjoy as well,  The Parts Geek .

I thought it was a neat article and I know James really wanted to share it with fellow car enthusiasts! I was hoping you might be able to include the article on your page? I would love to show him, and I know he would be thrilled to be able to contribute another cool auto history article!

Thanks again for the great classic car info, and help with James’ science project! If you’re able to add the automobile history article to your page, please let me know so I can show him- Have a wonderful day and hope to speak again soon.

Best Wishes, Vanessa S